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This is a Government Test.
Please Proceed.

layout codes courtesy of neville & her community tinyicons
the header was made by me & the screenshots came from logan & veronica online
mood theme credit goes to dinadrama & special thanks goes to pikachuspimp for helping me figure out how to install it

This journal is kinda friends only. Haha. If you wanna know more, if you wanna get inside my head, comment & I'll add you to the list of crazies my friends list. [Trust me, you're gonna wanna get in on this!]

ooh & we can't do without a little shameless promotion!
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Hi there! :) I got this icon you made from a community. It's driving me crazy....is there tiny text at the bottom? If so, would you tell me what it says, please? :) I really love the icon.
Yes it does have tiny text on it.. but as far as I know, I don't know what it says because it's a brush that I got..

Thank you for liking the icon.. I really like how that one turned out too :D

Oooh, okay. Well, thanks! :-D
Hi! It's Lisa! I didn't know you had a lj, but I guess I should assume everyone does by now. Oh yeah, Congrats on the whole getting hitched soon! :)
Hey.. I've had lj for.. gah.. over 6 years I think.. haha.. I haven't written anything lately, go figure, but I've been thinking about writing.. hahaha..

Well thank you. :) How have you been?? :)

(& how did you find my lj?? just curious.. haha :))
I'm good.. will be graduating in Dec!

I was procrastinating and wandering around facebook, trying to find out when you were actually getting married (since my mom said Dec, but I wasn't sure about that). And I saw your lj link. I could start singing it's a small world.. but I won't. ;-)
hi there. i don't know if you remember me or not. you used to be on my friends list and we used to be pretty good gj friends, we used to mail each other things and all. i was ana_logical my name is priscilla :[ i was just thinking of how i fell off lj and out of all my friends i made here i missed you and just wanted to say hi. maybe we can talk on aim sometime. hope everything is well :)
gah, i meant lj friend*
Of course I rememember you! Big Hanson fan. :) Haha.
How are you doing?? Wow, you must be out of college by now? Or in?
I haven't been on LJ that much either. I've been mostly on these other message boards. But I'm going to try & make a comeback LOL. :)
Yeah, we can talk on aim, my name is: anafishia [still] lol
I'll add you on here too, so when I start writing again, you can be all up in the excitment. LOL :)
Haha yeah still totally into Hanson, probably worse then ever. I'm going into my last year in September. I turn 21 in August. It really has been a while. My SN is "see the haze" hope to talk to you soon!!! I mostly blog on greatestjournal now though, but I do have this un.



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Anastasia I added you if that's alright
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