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immaturity on the internet!

What the fuck is up with this:

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Women like you are only good for doing dishes & scrubbing the floor. Women like you have no purpose in life, except to get laid. Maybe you should go get breast implants so you will get laid more. To all my boys, get a whore like this one as your sex slut! Don't matter if you're bald, fat or short, she will love u cuz she was bred to be a whore. A slutty whore like this one for all my guy friends!
Posted 11/21/2006 at 6:30 PM by XoXoBluBearXoXo - delete - block user

Some stupid ignorant person posted this in my xanga.
What the fuck? Who the fuck is this?

I thought all of this stupid high school bullshit was over with.
I'm like, where do you get off, coming into my personal journal, & slandering me!

It just pisses me off because it's like, I don't even know you.. & out of the freaking blue, she posts this bullshit to me.. WHAT DID I EVEN DO TO HER?!?!

God, I hate people like this.
They get off on making other people feel bad.

& I posted something civil to her:

Holy crap, who the hell are you?
& Why all the stupid bullshit that you posted in my journal?
What are you, like 12?

I really don't appreciate you coming into my journal & slandering me.
I would like it if you kept your close minded opinions to yourself.

You don't know me & don't know anything about me.

I could have been a lot meaner, but what would that prove?
Nothing because I'm obviously better than she is.

Fucking idiot.
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