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birthdays & weddings .. I'm crazy

have the worst dry hands at the moment.. just because I washed the dishes for my daddy.. now I have dishpan hands! Ready for wifedom, right? LOL

Okay, wedding plans.. everything is coming along nicely.. my mom is the stressed one! LOL.. I think it's because Corey's not here.. I think if he was around, getting in my hair, arguing about seating arrangements, everything might be more real for me.. I mean it's real.. but it's .. kinda surreal, like a dream.. but today I did realize that I'm getting married in like 2 weeks!! IT'S SO WEIRD!!

Two of my best friends from R-MWC are coming for the wedding! I am so excited about that..

It's crazy, we have to go to the airport 5 days in a row..
We pick up my first college roommate, Becky & her mom on Saturday, December 16th
Then we pick up Ashley & Cindy from R-MWC on Sunday, December 17th
& my Aunt Maryann [my mom's best friend from Alaska] & Kelsey are coming in Monday, December 18th
Then there is Scyntha & Charlotte [my sisters] are coming in Tuesday, December 19th from Alabama
& last, but not least, Corey's Mom, Linda & COREY come in on Wednesday, December 20th [talk about cutting it close!!]


COREY & I have to go downtown to get our Marriage Lisence on the 21st!! I can't get it alone, they said that we both have to go & apply IN PERSON. Go figure, but I hear that it's really easy, so that's good.

& Then FRIDAY, It's the DAY!

My Maid of Honor, April got her bridesmaid dress.. it's chocolate brown with a teal ribbon around the waist.. she says it's like some Ann Taylor dress, but I am yet to see that dress.. but her's is really cute.

OOOOOOOOh, I didn't even write about my birthday,
which was Saturday, December 2nd, for those of you who don't/didn't know

Corey bought me the Ipod Video 80Gig .. so that was REALLY EXCITING. I put the whole beginning of Season Three of Veronica Mars on it.. & some music videos [but they got messed up & I have to fix them]
& a bunch of songs.. I love that it's not even anywhere close to being full.
He also got me $25 for itunes & $25 @ Best Buy to buy a case.. spoiled!!

My Mom & Dad are going to get me a new pair of tennis shoes.. hopefully that will encourage me to .. um.. actually exercise!

My friend April got me a cute nightgown.. it's lepoard print with red lacy trim.. she says it's mostly for Corey.. LOL
My friend Christine got me a bouquet of flowers & a bottle of Bailey's.. we were going to make Buttery Nipples my favorite shot, but apparently the package store was out of Butterscotch Snnapps.. bummer.
My co-worker, Shirley & her kids came over to my house for cake & playing around, her kids are so cute.. I really like hanging out with them.. they got me some really good smelling bath stuff.. & it matches my new bathroom.

[speaking of my new bathroom, my dad got me this really cool over the toliet cupboard.. & I put all my stuff away.. it's so nice to have somewhere to put my stuff again!]

My grandma sent me $75.. haven't decided what that is for yet.. lingerie for the wedding?? ;)
Sara, my mom's student teacher, got me Season 2 of ONE TREE HILL.. she said it was a present that only I would appreciate.. hahahaha.. I was so surprised, it's a great present.. One Tree Hill is my guilty pleasure!
Rachel, planetaryhaze [hopefully that's your right new sn.. LOL] bought me 2 months of extra livejournal paid time & 2 months of extra user pictures time.. I love livejournal.. LOL
& Of course, no one probably cares, but on Neopets, some people in my guild [which is like a club] got me some Apple items for my gallery [collection].. I collect Apples.. LOL.. okay, enough of the nerdy stuff!

& I bought myself the new book by Meg Cabot: Size 14 is not Fat Either.. so far it's really good.. I love Meg Cabot.. she writes just like me!

& I got this really cool book called, The Nest.. & I forgot the rest of the title, & I'm too lazy to get up & go get it, but it's basically a kinda guide for life after the wedding.. it's by the same people who do theknot.com & thenest.com .. It has a lot of great advice, like about how to fight fair, & how to plan babies, & how to mesh all of the different stuff together.. haha.. just the kind of book for me.

Uh.. hmm.. I can't think of anything else at the moment..
But that's a lot.. you should be able to occupy yourself. Hopefully it won't be a super long time before another update.

OOH, one more thing, my mom made me Black Forest Cake .. which is my favorite kind of cake.. ooh it was so delicious. Okay.

Talk to you guys soon ;)
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