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Update from Connecticut

Hey, just checking in while Corey is at school/work.. [boo for school/work, of course when I come to visit he has to stay at work until 4 in the afternoon!! :(]

Anyways, things are good so far, except for the unexpected SNOW! I got off the plane & was totally shocked that it was snowing. I didn't really pack for snow, darn you weather.com! Haha. Anyways, I think the worst is over. It's a little warmer today & most of the snow is melted.

We had a blast in Boston for St. Patrick's Day. It was crazy! We ended up staying in the bar at our hotel because it was so cold outside. I seriously had the best corned beef & cabbage that I've ever had. :)

Then we went to Salem to explore a little. We didn't go in the witch museum, but we checked out the wax museum because Corey wanted to. It wasn't too bad. We also took some pictures with the various statues around the town. Corey decided that no one would even visit Salem if it weren't for the whole Witch Trial thing.

We've been staying in New London, CT with Lara & Sara. It's been nice. Lara, Sara & I went for a drive to Old Saybrook yesterday, but we couldn't find it!! HAha.. How great is that? We had lunch at Panera Bread <3 my favorite!! Oh, it was so good & it warmed me up!

Tonight Corey & I might go mini golfing. :) We'll see.

Anyways, that's my update for now. Hopefully there will be more of an update in a few more days! :)
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