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Test [

Monday January 25, 2010

This is a Government Test.
Please Proceed.

layout codes courtesy of neville & her community tinyicons
the header was made by me & the screenshots came from logan & veronica online
mood theme credit goes to dinadrama & special thanks goes to pikachuspimp for helping me figure out how to install it

This journal is kinda friends only. Haha. If you wanna know more, if you wanna get inside my head, comment & I'll add you to the list of crazies my friends list. [Trust me, you're gonna wanna get in on this!]

ooh & we can't do without a little shameless promotion!


Newness [

Monday November 10, 2008

I did it. I made a new journal.
Add me stasianary

I really, really, really want it to work out this time.
I just need to do it. Lol.

Anyway, this is a heads up for all of my loyal friends & fans. :)



Monday October 08, 2007

Remember back in the day when I used to post at least 5 random things? Hmm.. I think I should go back to that. Or maybe I should just make a new journal. How long has it been?? Too long. I think plsexy5 almost needs to be put to sleep. Reinvention is in order. I do rock the stasianary. But then again, it's kinda sad, like, this name has been with me for SO LONG. I'm loyal, what can I say? Anyways, I know that LJ has been there for me, so I'll try to be there for it. Well, watch this space. I just might make a new one. Maybe.


Home [

Monday April 02, 2007

[ mood | lonely ]

got back from CT yesterday. [sad face]
It was a long flight. Boston to Atlanta to LA to Honolulu.
Left at 10:30 a.m. [Eastern] [which is 4:30 a.m. Hawaiian Time] & got to Hawaii at 10:30 p.m. [Hawaiian Time] [which is 4:30 a.m. Eastern]. Brilliant. 18 hours of traveling.

I almost gave up my seat in Atlanta for $1200 Delta Dollars which would have totally paid for my flight back to VA for graduation, but alas, I'm chicken!!

I'm planning on making a big update about my trip with pictures & all that jazz, maybe tomorrow, maybe Wednesday, maybe sometime soon. I'm kinda in that blah mood, you know, just got back, miss the hubby like crazy.

It didn't really hit me until this afternoon when I was talking to him & he was getting ready for bed. It made me think about how I wasn't getting ready for bed with him. Awh, that's when it hit me. Hard. But I'm trying to stay positive. He'll be home in about 3 weeks. I'll just hold onto that.

I think I'm gonna go lay down. I didn't go to work today because I was tired [& sick], so I think I might go to bed or at least rest some.

p.s. That guy, on Prision Break, think his name is Wentworth Miller, is a hottie. I thought you should know that. Haha.

p.p.s. Good Charlotte's new album Good Morning Revival is AMAZING! I've seriously listened to it on repeat all day long. My http://www.last.fm/user/stasianary/ [last.fm] can totally prove it!!

p.p.p.s. Look at my hottie husband:


Update from Connecticut [

Tuesday March 20, 2007

[ mood | happy ]

Hey, just checking in while Corey is at school/work.. [boo for school/work, of course when I come to visit he has to stay at work until 4 in the afternoon!! :(]

Anyways, things are good so far, except for the unexpected SNOW! I got off the plane & was totally shocked that it was snowing. I didn't really pack for snow, darn you weather.com! Haha. Anyways, I think the worst is over. It's a little warmer today & most of the snow is melted.

We had a blast in Boston for St. Patrick's Day. It was crazy! We ended up staying in the bar at our hotel because it was so cold outside. I seriously had the best corned beef & cabbage that I've ever had. :)

Then we went to Salem to explore a little. We didn't go in the witch museum, but we checked out the wax museum because Corey wanted to. It wasn't too bad. We also took some pictures with the various statues around the town. Corey decided that no one would even visit Salem if it weren't for the whole Witch Trial thing.

We've been staying in New London, CT with Lara & Sara. It's been nice. Lara, Sara & I went for a drive to Old Saybrook yesterday, but we couldn't find it!! HAha.. How great is that? We had lunch at Panera Bread <3 my favorite!! Oh, it was so good & it warmed me up!

Tonight Corey & I might go mini golfing. :) We'll see.

Anyways, that's my update for now. Hopefully there will be more of an update in a few more days! :)


Alaska [

Friday February 16, 2007

[ mood | contemplative ]

It's been a while. & I think about writing. But then, I feel like I don't have anything to write [partly] & I can't bring myself to write.

But today I was feeling passionate.

So here it is:

booksCollapse )



Sunday January 21, 2007

I'm a slacker.
I've been thinking a lot.
But then I can't bring myself to write it.

& there is no way that I can catch up on all of the back posts.
So if there is something that you posted about,
that you are dying for me to read
or it's something that you know I'll LOVE
leave the link or give me the cliff notes version.

I'm alive.

Monday, is my 1 month anniversary.
I saw Corey 12 of those days.

Oh well, I'm okay though..

That's good news.

Ummmmmmmmmm. I dunno. I'm going to try & get back into this writing thingie.

I guess that's my sad little update.
I'm going to bed anyways.


I got the goods! [

Wednesday January 03, 2007

[ mood | happy ]

Uh.. let's just say that it's been a while.. a looooooong while..

Corey left yesterday to go back to Connecticut. I think I did pretty good with holding myself together. Cried a little bit at the airport, but I maintained control. Maybe I'm getting better at it.

I know everyone wants to hear about the wedding.. but.. I have to get out my stressful day first!

Corey called at 6 a.m. to tell me he was boarding the plane from Phoneix to Boston, & I made the mistake of getting up & then didn't make it back to sleep.

Then we had to take Charlotte to the doctor's by 9:00 a.m. so I went with them so I could go get my name changed at the Social Secruity Office, the DMV, & the bank. Turns out the SS office in Pearl City is closed so we had to go to the one in Kapolei after Charlotte was done. And guess how long it took there? TWO AND A HALF FREAKING HOURS. The people who work their [in Corey's words] are as slow as molasses in winter. Not to mention that their would be 4 windows open & then there would be only one. When I got there, they were on number 215 & I was number 245 .. so it took them 30 minutes to go 15 people!!! GAH. Nightmare. & my iPod wasn't charged & there was no music in there or tv or even magazines. Two hours of staring at the wall.

THEN as if that wasn't bad enough [by the way, when I made it to the counter, it took them like 7 minutes to give me the paperwork.. mind boggling!] when it was my turn, I kinda felt a little worried that I had leaked [yeah go figure!] & then when I left the office & went downstairs I found out that there was a huge spot. So I called Scyntha to come & get me.. & it seemed like they took forever! Gah, so then I went home to change & then went back out to the DMV [took maybe 30 minutes] & the bank [10 minutues, but I have to go back tomorrow].

Scyntha & Charlotte went back to Alabama today. They just left for the airport.

It's quiet at my house again.

Anyways, on to the good stuff...

The wedding was awesome. The pictures are beautiful. The weather was beautiful. The only semi bad thing was they momentarily lost my ring. But luckily I got it back before the ceremony was over. My dress was lovely & everyone looked really great! There was a pod of whales off the coast of where we got married. That's good luck.. one of the pictures even has the dorsal fins of one in it! :)

The party was fun too. I'd say about 60 people showed up.

A friend of Corey's family Ann Cecil took a whole bunch of pictures at the recpiton & the ceremony. She's going to make one of those hard bound albums for me. I'm excited about that. I think I'm going to go to her house & work on that some time next week. We also had a photographer from the wedding.. he took amazing shots.

Corey & I stayed at the Hawaii Prince Hotel for the night.. that was amazing.. the rooms were huge with an awesome view. I took some pictures. Of the room!! ;)

We were going to go to Maui for a couple of days for a mini honeymoon, but all of the rooms on Maui were booked. Go figure. It was like their busiest week of the year or something! lame.

So we went to Paradise Cove Luau instead. & we bought the expensive seating.. so that was nice.. Corey wasn't feeling super good so it could have been a little more fun, but I still think he enjoyed it. We met this crazy couple [of lesbians] from Flordia. They sat with us [& drank with us lol].

I am too tired to post pictures now. I think I'm just going to put a bunch of them in um.. webshots or something. There are a few on myspace & facebook. I will try not to be too long without them.. feel free to nag if it's been too long. LOL.

Okay, I'm gonna go.. Veronica Mars or someting..

Mrs. Thompson



Wednesday December 06, 2006

Rachel said soCollapse )


birthdays & weddings .. I'm crazy [

Wednesday December 06, 2006

[ mood | geeky ]

have the worst dry hands at the moment.. just because I washed the dishes for my daddy.. now I have dishpan hands! Ready for wifedom, right? LOL

Okay, wedding plans.. everything is coming along nicely.. my mom is the stressed one! LOL.. I think it's because Corey's not here.. I think if he was around, getting in my hair, arguing about seating arrangements, everything might be more real for me.. I mean it's real.. but it's .. kinda surreal, like a dream.. but today I did realize that I'm getting married in like 2 weeks!! IT'S SO WEIRD!!

Two of my best friends from R-MWC are coming for the wedding! I am so excited about that..

It's crazy, we have to go to the airport 5 days in a row..
We pick up my first college roommate, Becky & her mom on Saturday, December 16th
Then we pick up Ashley & Cindy from R-MWC on Sunday, December 17th
& my Aunt Maryann [my mom's best friend from Alaska] & Kelsey are coming in Monday, December 18th
Then there is Scyntha & Charlotte [my sisters] are coming in Tuesday, December 19th from Alabama
& last, but not least, Corey's Mom, Linda & COREY come in on Wednesday, December 20th [talk about cutting it close!!]


COREY & I have to go downtown to get our Marriage Lisence on the 21st!! I can't get it alone, they said that we both have to go & apply IN PERSON. Go figure, but I hear that it's really easy, so that's good.

& Then FRIDAY, It's the DAY!

My Maid of Honor, April got her bridesmaid dress.. it's chocolate brown with a teal ribbon around the waist.. she says it's like some Ann Taylor dress, but I am yet to see that dress.. but her's is really cute.

OOOOOOOOh, I didn't even write about my birthday,
which was Saturday, December 2nd, for those of you who don't/didn't know

Corey bought me the Ipod Video 80Gig .. so that was REALLY EXCITING. I put the whole beginning of Season Three of Veronica Mars on it.. & some music videos [but they got messed up & I have to fix them]
& a bunch of songs.. I love that it's not even anywhere close to being full.
He also got me $25 for itunes & $25 @ Best Buy to buy a case.. spoiled!!

My Mom & Dad are going to get me a new pair of tennis shoes.. hopefully that will encourage me to .. um.. actually exercise!

My friend April got me a cute nightgown.. it's lepoard print with red lacy trim.. she says it's mostly for Corey.. LOL
My friend Christine got me a bouquet of flowers & a bottle of Bailey's.. we were going to make Buttery Nipples my favorite shot, but apparently the package store was out of Butterscotch Snnapps.. bummer.
My co-worker, Shirley & her kids came over to my house for cake & playing around, her kids are so cute.. I really like hanging out with them.. they got me some really good smelling bath stuff.. & it matches my new bathroom.

[speaking of my new bathroom, my dad got me this really cool over the toliet cupboard.. & I put all my stuff away.. it's so nice to have somewhere to put my stuff again!]

My grandma sent me $75.. haven't decided what that is for yet.. lingerie for the wedding?? ;)
Sara, my mom's student teacher, got me Season 2 of ONE TREE HILL.. she said it was a present that only I would appreciate.. hahahaha.. I was so surprised, it's a great present.. One Tree Hill is my guilty pleasure!
Rachel, planetaryhaze [hopefully that's your right new sn.. LOL] bought me 2 months of extra livejournal paid time & 2 months of extra user pictures time.. I love livejournal.. LOL
& Of course, no one probably cares, but on Neopets, some people in my guild [which is like a club] got me some Apple items for my gallery [collection].. I collect Apples.. LOL.. okay, enough of the nerdy stuff!

& I bought myself the new book by Meg Cabot: Size 14 is not Fat Either.. so far it's really good.. I love Meg Cabot.. she writes just like me!

& I got this really cool book called, The Nest.. & I forgot the rest of the title, & I'm too lazy to get up & go get it, but it's basically a kinda guide for life after the wedding.. it's by the same people who do theknot.com & thenest.com .. It has a lot of great advice, like about how to fight fair, & how to plan babies, & how to mesh all of the different stuff together.. haha.. just the kind of book for me.

Uh.. hmm.. I can't think of anything else at the moment..
But that's a lot.. you should be able to occupy yourself. Hopefully it won't be a super long time before another update.

OOH, one more thing, my mom made me Black Forest Cake .. which is my favorite kind of cake.. ooh it was so delicious. Okay.

Talk to you guys soon ;)


do be do be do [

Wednesday November 22, 2006

I need a distraction

last.fm surveyCollapse )


immaturity on the internet! [

Wednesday November 22, 2006

[ mood | irritated ]

What the fuck is up with this:

Visit XoXoBluBearXoXo's Xanga Site!
Women like you are only good for doing dishes & scrubbing the floor. Women like you have no purpose in life, except to get laid. Maybe you should go get breast implants so you will get laid more. To all my boys, get a whore like this one as your sex slut! Don't matter if you're bald, fat or short, she will love u cuz she was bred to be a whore. A slutty whore like this one for all my guy friends!
Posted 11/21/2006 at 6:30 PM by XoXoBluBearXoXo - delete - block user

Some stupid ignorant person posted this in my xanga.
What the fuck? Who the fuck is this?

I thought all of this stupid high school bullshit was over with.
I'm like, where do you get off, coming into my personal journal, & slandering me!

It just pisses me off because it's like, I don't even know you.. & out of the freaking blue, she posts this bullshit to me.. WHAT DID I EVEN DO TO HER?!?!

God, I hate people like this.
They get off on making other people feel bad.

& I posted something civil to her:

Holy crap, who the hell are you?
& Why all the stupid bullshit that you posted in my journal?
What are you, like 12?

I really don't appreciate you coming into my journal & slandering me.
I would like it if you kept your close minded opinions to yourself.

You don't know me & don't know anything about me.

I could have been a lot meaner, but what would that prove?
Nothing because I'm obviously better than she is.

Fucking idiot.


photo spam [

Wednesday November 15, 2006

[ mood | amused ]


I promised the scrapbooking pages. Just the ones that are done. & the cake.. so picture post?
btw, they might be a little big, even though I made them smaller. Any feedback, good! (unless it's bad. :P)

done scrapbooking pagesCollapse )

& I promised that I would post cake pictures. But I'm slow & only have Cake #3. It was good. Five different flavors of chocolate. & raspberry filling. Yum yum! :)

cake anyone?Collapse )

Okay. I have to prep for work tomorrow. & take a nap. & watch Veronica Mars!

& did I mention, Corey's uncle & aunt are coming to Thanksgiving here! at my house! so I have to CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN!!! haha :)

& no one else wants to reply to my icon inquiry [here]???


icons [?] [

Monday November 13, 2006

[ mood | creative ]

post me an interest & i'll post you an icon.


post me some song lyrics [short] & i'll post you an icon.




Monday November 13, 2006

"There are times when even the best of us have a fear of commitment. And, we may be surprised about the commitments that we let slip out of our grasps. Commitments are complicated, we may surprise ourselves by the committments we are willing to make. True commitment requires effort and sacrifice, which is why we have to choose our commitments very carefully." -Meredith, Grey's Anatomy

thanks Arlene [queenofsuburbs]

More about this to come.....



Monday November 13, 2006

[ mood | cheerful ]

More about my class:

Last week I had them write a poem.. like a name poem, but more like (I'll post mine.. lol)
It means creative, friendly, and smart,
It is the number 9,
It is like the ocean during the day,
It is Christmas on the ranch,
It is the memory of my mom,
who taught me manners & respect,
When I was growing up,
My name is Anastasia,
It means working hard to achieve your dreams.

It's like you fill in each part that is you. They did really good. I was actually, (this is sad) surprised, that they did so good. Haha. In the book it was like, write a poem about the wind.. & I was like, uh yeah right.. so I had them do this poem instead. I think I'm going to find out if I can have them put up in the library. I think that they will get a big kick out of that. :)

I think that I might have them write another poem.. & the next thing we are going to work on is a nonfiction piece.. hopefully they will have an easier time with that than they do with fiction, well, I guess they aren't that bad.. haha


part two [

Monday November 13, 2006

[ mood | busy ]

Oh yeah.. & we didn't do anything for halloween..
but I passed out candy to maybe 20 kids.. :(

I dressed as a punkrocker/school girl.. haha.. I gotta wear my shoes!
(I don't remember if I posted this or not!)

we were supposed to go to Maui this weekend, but the tickets were like $100.. & that's a lot for like 20 minutes of airtime.. boo, maybe we can go again some other time..

My Aunt Jeanette & my cousin Niki are there, that's why were were going to visit.

I'm almost kinda done with my scrapbook from my trip.
We were working on it last night, as mentioned, & having Mojitos (I think I left that part out) & my dad was getting rowdy.. lol.. & he spilt a glass of it (not even his!) & it soaked some of my pictures, so I was bummed about that.. but it's okay, because they were just printed on the computer, & I can print some more, but because of that, I am not done!

I have two pages that I really really like. Maybe I should post them.
But it's so hard to post something.
If only I could figure out how to use that lj scrapbook thingie.
we'll see.

Genny had this little die cutter, that had really cute letters. I think we might work on scrapbooks again soon, I'd like to use those letters again.

OOh, the other week, I went shopping.. lol.. & I got a super cute black polka dotted shirt.. & a jean skirt with black lace on the bottom.. I like it.. I think the shirt would look cute with red shoes.. haha.. that whole black, white, red thing is really in.. it's like in every single one of the stores at the mall.. but I like it.

The cake (round 3) had 3 tiers. & 5 different flavors of Chocolate! We are having a poll to determine which flavor tastes better. I'm going to be all chocolated out. The filling was raspberry (what Corey wants) & it had almond buttercream frosting & fondant.

Corey said that the weather has been really bad on the east coast..
That sucks. :(

Work tomorrow. I'm lazy. I've been off work for 4 days. Hahaha.
But it will be good. We are going to start this new program tomorrow.
I get my two lowlow guys every morning for 45 minutes. We are working on phonics.. & last Wednesday I got really excited because I found all of these lesson plans & websites that I think are going to be really helpful in teaching them how to read. Well, only one can't read. The other one doesn't understand what he is reading. What a challenge!

& then for the second 45 minute block of Language Arts, I'm going to go to the class that I usually go to on each day & work with the other low students, or just whoever needs help.

Then at math, I will continue in that class, that I was in before.

& on Wednesday, I'll have all of the other students who are in my class.. & we will work on the sourcebook (which is kinda like a workbook for reading & learning to write) for the two 45 minute blocks. & then at Math that day, I guess, I will wait to be reassigned.

I think that this is going to work better. Because my low guys really need extra help & they weren't getting it.. & when they were in my other class, they were like really behind, & didn't get it.. & I couldn't focus on them. So this will be better.

& I got one new student last week. So I'm still getting him into it.

My dad & Bill (his friend that's staying here) are watching the football game.. (Chicago & NYgiants) & I think that its hilarious that there is SNOW on the field!! Weird.

OOh, yesterday we also made some favors. They are a mix of dark, milk, & white chocolate m&ms in a organza bag with a teal sparkly flower (3 of them) attached to it. We made 26 & now we need to think of something else to make. Any suggestions??

Okay, I'm going to go for real this time. Haha. Or until I think of something else. HAHA.


rambling update [

Monday November 13, 2006

[ mood | sick ]

It's been a long time.

Gah, where do I even start?!?

Well, like last week, Wendy got in a car accident, with our car. & I guess it was hit so hard that our insurance company said that it's not even worth it to fix it. So even if I wanted to drive, haha, I can't, because no more car.. kinda sucks for when the wedding comes around & everything, because I dunno what we are going to do with one less car.. hmm.. I guess we will see..

I know I had like 50 things to write about. & so I can't think of a single thing, when I actually get down to writing.

OOOh.. on Thursday, we went to the Trump Tower Waikiki picking party.. because my Dad & one of his friends (& that guys investment partners) went in on a deal to buy, not one but two!! rooms at the Tower. So that was pretty fun. We got interviewed by Cedric Moon, mom & I did, but it wasn't on tape.. he was going to put my dad on the news, but they took so long fixing the papers, that he had to go. Oh well.. But they put my dad's name on the news! I'll just say that the cost of both of the rooms was a nice heavy 2.2 million dollars.. HAHAHA. Gah, if I can like just imagine touching that much. Hopefully when the tower gets finished in 2009, I can stay in it, for like one night.. that's all I want, one night.. haha.. OOH & like this is cool, but Ivanka Trump picked before us! Well, it wasn't her, it was a spokesperson for her.. but totally cool.. Her room is on the same floor as ours, 4 doors down.. Yeah, what? I am so cool! (Corey said I was a snob, but I'm a cool snob!!)

Hmm.. the only bad thing was that it lasted forever. because the guys messed up my dad's paperwork.. & no one came to find us.. but yeah.. they also gave us a Tiffanys key chain.. so I got to walk around with a Tiffany's bag, & pretend that it was something else.. hahaha..

The night before last night, Christine came home!!

Corey & I were fighting.. :( But it's all worked out now.. he just.. we just.. have communication issues.. I might write about that later..

But then Christine came over & then we met up wtih April & Genny.. & the four of us went down to the Hideaway Club.. to have some drinks & just dance & hang out.. that was fun.. There was this guy there, he was.. 40?? & He thought Christine was the prettiest girl ever.. haha.. so I totally egged him on, but only as a joke.. & there was a nice Navy Pilot, who liked Genny.. I talked to him a bit about Corey.. He asked me what my husband did.. hehehehe.. but yeah..

& then last night, they came over & we stamped a bit.. & mom did Round 3 of the cake.. the prettiest yet.. & best tasting.. & April discovered her hidden talent for cake decorating! :)

& then today.. nothing.. I'm just bleh.. I have to do some chores.. & see what else wedding stuff needs to be done.. I was working on the new neopets plot this morning.. lol.. :)

OOh, I guess last week, we went to Mom's craft fair.. she did good & made about $300. I got this really cool notebook.. it is so pretty.. maybe a picture will come later.. & then we went & hung out with Shirley, who works with us.. & I got to meet her kids, Effie & Junie.. & we had a lot of fun with them.. they were so cute! & Effie wrote me a letter, so now we are kinda pen pals.. I might babysit them some night.. Their house is so nice.. I want to have one that looks like it.. haha.. :) They even have a window seat!

Hmm.. I'm so interesting.. I got my nails done last week.. like a manicure, & it was great.. but it's sucky right now, because I'm having cravings to bite my nails & I totally messed up the paint on one of them.. go figure.. I think I might just buy the color, if I can find it.. because it's really pretty, but subtle.. it's like a dusty rose with sparkles, but they are more like shimmers.. it's by OPI. Mom & I might go & get a pedicure some time this week.. maybe.

Dad's friend is visiting.. He's really nice.. but he's sleeping in my room, so I have to sleep on the couch!! & that's no fun when you have a cold.. it's kinda.. getting better.. kinda..

Next Friday is Bachelorette Party #1.. in attendance: Arlene, April, Genny, Christine, & I (I think).. we'll see how it goes.. all I know about is.. that I get to wear a shirt(?) that they made & we are going to be at Mooses for a little while.. haha.. Mooses.

Anyways, I gotta go now.. maybe I should work on getting dressed. It's like 4:00 p.m. & I am still in my pjs.. that's fabulous.


Halloween Party, of course! [

Tuesday October 24, 2006

[ mood | cheerful ]

plsexy5's Halloween party:

angiexcore dressed as Trent Reznor.
apelila58 dressed as a new member of the Wu-Tang Clan, Erratic Beggar.
carxcrash didn't even show up and doesn't get any candy.
bowtiful dressed as the Grand Power Ranger.
crackers4jenn dressed as a second baseman for the Rangers.
chiliboxerlvr dressed as the spirit of their dead grandmother Nina.
cindahloo dressed as Colin Powell.
dackalicious dressed as a goblin.
foxfyre_elf dressed as a new superhero: Thunder Prime.
jade_foxfire dressed as Ray Romano riding a llama.
jellyblowman dressed as a moose, though it looked more like Meatwad.
katybo didn't even show up and doesn't get any candy.
mooabu dressed as a 1990's grunge child.
onepunkymisfit didn't dress up, spoilsport.
orangejujube dressed as a Care Bear.
philownsadam dressed as something swelling, but what, specifically, you can't tell.
planetaryhaze dressed as a camel.
punk_pony dressed as Ozzy Osbourne.
sevawria dressed as a investment.
statuesque dressed as Chekov from "Star Trek".
this_side dressed as a character from Harry Potter and the Infinity Hound.
waterbra dressed as a disturbing self-made character called "Flunky Bananabreath", though it looked more like the Cardinal of Osbusdale.

Throw your own party at the Hallomeme!
Created with phpNonsense

Gah, did I have the best party EVER or what?!
Btw, for some reason, it didn't say what I dressed as, which was a smokin' hot pimptress. LOL ♥


of course, afterwards, we trick-or-treated.. & this is what I got:

My LiveJournal Trick-or-Treat Haul
plsexy5 goes trick-or-treating, dressed up as pimptress.
apelila58 gives you 1 purple raspberry-flavoured wafers.
chiliboxerlvr tricks you! You lose 1 pieces of candy!
cindahloo tricks you! You get a 3.5-inch floppy disc.
crackers4jenn tricks you! You get a wad of paper.
orangejujube tricks you! You get a used tissue.
planetaryhaze tricks you! You get a 3.5-inch floppy disc.
queenofsuburbs gives you 2 light orange grapefruit-flavoured gummy worms.
statuesque gives you 5 dark blue banana-flavoured nuggets.
this_side tricks you! You get a broken balloon.
waterbra tricks you! You get a piece of paper.
plsexy5 ends up with 7 pieces of candy, a 3.5-inch floppy disc, a wad of paper, a used tissue, a 3.5-inch floppy disc, a broken balloon, and a piece of paper.
Go trick-or-treating! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

Gosh guys, harsh or what?!


Feeling a little stressed?? (like me??) [

Sunday October 22, 2006

[ mood | calm ]

If you are feeling a little stressed, try this from my friend Ashley.. I know that you will have some fun with it! :)


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