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I got the goods!

Uh.. let's just say that it's been a while.. a looooooong while..

Corey left yesterday to go back to Connecticut. I think I did pretty good with holding myself together. Cried a little bit at the airport, but I maintained control. Maybe I'm getting better at it.

I know everyone wants to hear about the wedding.. but.. I have to get out my stressful day first!

Corey called at 6 a.m. to tell me he was boarding the plane from Phoneix to Boston, & I made the mistake of getting up & then didn't make it back to sleep.

Then we had to take Charlotte to the doctor's by 9:00 a.m. so I went with them so I could go get my name changed at the Social Secruity Office, the DMV, & the bank. Turns out the SS office in Pearl City is closed so we had to go to the one in Kapolei after Charlotte was done. And guess how long it took there? TWO AND A HALF FREAKING HOURS. The people who work their [in Corey's words] are as slow as molasses in winter. Not to mention that their would be 4 windows open & then there would be only one. When I got there, they were on number 215 & I was number 245 .. so it took them 30 minutes to go 15 people!!! GAH. Nightmare. & my iPod wasn't charged & there was no music in there or tv or even magazines. Two hours of staring at the wall.

THEN as if that wasn't bad enough [by the way, when I made it to the counter, it took them like 7 minutes to give me the paperwork.. mind boggling!] when it was my turn, I kinda felt a little worried that I had leaked [yeah go figure!] & then when I left the office & went downstairs I found out that there was a huge spot. So I called Scyntha to come & get me.. & it seemed like they took forever! Gah, so then I went home to change & then went back out to the DMV [took maybe 30 minutes] & the bank [10 minutues, but I have to go back tomorrow].

Scyntha & Charlotte went back to Alabama today. They just left for the airport.

It's quiet at my house again.

Anyways, on to the good stuff...

The wedding was awesome. The pictures are beautiful. The weather was beautiful. The only semi bad thing was they momentarily lost my ring. But luckily I got it back before the ceremony was over. My dress was lovely & everyone looked really great! There was a pod of whales off the coast of where we got married. That's good luck.. one of the pictures even has the dorsal fins of one in it! :)

The party was fun too. I'd say about 60 people showed up.

A friend of Corey's family Ann Cecil took a whole bunch of pictures at the recpiton & the ceremony. She's going to make one of those hard bound albums for me. I'm excited about that. I think I'm going to go to her house & work on that some time next week. We also had a photographer from the wedding.. he took amazing shots.

Corey & I stayed at the Hawaii Prince Hotel for the night.. that was amazing.. the rooms were huge with an awesome view. I took some pictures. Of the room!! ;)

We were going to go to Maui for a couple of days for a mini honeymoon, but all of the rooms on Maui were booked. Go figure. It was like their busiest week of the year or something! lame.

So we went to Paradise Cove Luau instead. & we bought the expensive seating.. so that was nice.. Corey wasn't feeling super good so it could have been a little more fun, but I still think he enjoyed it. We met this crazy couple [of lesbians] from Flordia. They sat with us [& drank with us lol].

I am too tired to post pictures now. I think I'm just going to put a bunch of them in um.. webshots or something. There are a few on myspace & facebook. I will try not to be too long without them.. feel free to nag if it's been too long. LOL.

Okay, I'm gonna go.. Veronica Mars or someting..

Mrs. Thompson
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